Electronic catalogue

The electronic catalogue on 01.10.2014 contains 1 191 599 bibliographic records

Books database - 471601 records. Since 1994 all new arrivals are recorded, the retroconversion of books descriptions published after 1952 is made. For books descriptions published before 1952 it is made selectively.

Article database – 687594 records. It contains analytical description of journals received by the library since 1998.

Music sheets database – 15051 records

CD/DVD database (audio and video on CD, DVD) - 9006 records.

Image database – 5846 records.

Periodicals database – 2501 records.



Consolidated catalogue of Vologda Region Libraries

Contains bibliographic descriptions of books and media resources of the libraries of the Vologda Region. On 01.10.2014 it consists of 514,362 records.


Consolidated catalogue of periodicals (journals and newspapers titles)
(since 2012)


N.V. Vereschagin Vologda State Dairy Academy

Vologda State Technical University

Vologda State Pedagogical University

Vologda Institute of Law and Economy of the Federal Penal Service

The Institute of Socio-Economic Development of Territories of RAS

Library of the Vologda regional hospital

Central city library