Library and ecology
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The Vologda region is the land of broad, still rivers, clear lakes and dense forests. The Vologda reserves include all the diversity of natural landscapes, formed after the glacial period. On their territory plants listed in the Russian Federation Red Book or in the list of rare and endangered species of the Vologda region are preserved. 14 zoological reserves, occupying 433,3 thousand hectares, save wild animals and birds from the onslaught of hunters. Among the natural monuments are geological outcrops and karst lakes, waterfalls, old estates parks and unique glacial boulders. In 1992, the Russian Government issued a decree on the establishment of the National Park "Russian North". Not only landscapes and monuments of nature, but also all the unique historical and cultural heritage, accumulated on this land for many centuries are taken under state protection. The Vologda region called the Northern Thebaid for this archaeological sites, ancient trade routes, and most importantly, shrines and artistic value of the Kirillo-Belozersky monastery.

Unique historical, cultural and natural area, requires the preservation and use of cultural heritage, museum and library collections; the promotion of folk arts and crafts: support of young talents; the revival of small towns and villages.