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On our website you can use Virtual request service
It serves everyone, regardless if you are the user of the library or not.

We answer following questions?

• thematic requests which do not need complex bibliographic search and can be performed on the basis of available in our library traditional and electronic bibliographic and Internet resources;
• requests for specific domestic and foreign publications in the collections of the library;
• factual requests (information and reference material about specific objects, concepts, people, etc);
• address requests (addresses of organizations, firms, etc);
• issues of regional character, which does not involve complex search.

The request service does not does not answer following questions:
• incorrectly formulated questions;
• commercial (buying and selling of something, etc.)
• sent by e-mail;
• related with the translation of texts, with the solution of mathematical, physical, chemical, and other tasks;
Issues related with provision of reports and essays will be considered last.
How to ask a question?
• To fill in the request form. Please indicate what type of information you need (the list of references from our library of links to digital resources or any other information).
Our restrictions:

• only one request per day is accepted from one reader . If your request contains a few questions, we will answer only to one at our discretion. We have the right not to answer incorrect questions. We do not send electronic copies of documents;
• deadline - up to 5 working days (depending on complexity);
• responses to requests are placed in the Archive section of requests";
• responses are not sent by e-mail.
If the receiving requests is over, you can:
• look through the archive of questions and answers;
• look through the electronic catalogues ( ํof our library and Internet resources ( on our site;