The Electronic Document Delivery

The Electronic Document Delivery (EDD) allows remote users to order and receive electronic copies of magazine articles, newspapers, collections, fragments of books stored in the collection of The Vologda Regional Scientific Library and other libraries of Russia.

The EDD is carried out in accordance with part IV of the Civil code of the Russian Federation and to the extent justified by not violating the legislation on the rights of the results of intellectual property and requirements for the preservation of library collections.

 Orders are accepted ONLINE or on a special form.

 After receiving the order and checking the source in the collection of the library, the customer will be notified of the possibility of the execution of the order and its price.

You can pay by using credit cards, in any e-currency via mobile commerce services (MTS, MegaFon, TELE2), via Internet banks with leading Russian banks, via instant payment terminals, also using the application for the iPhone.

Depending on the size and complexity, the order is carried out within 1 day after notification of payment.

Electronic copies of the documents will be sent to your email address after registration.

The price of an electronic copy of one A4 page from the library collection (format pdf, jpg)

7 rubles

The shipping price of 1 page from the collections of the libraries of Russia

10 rubles

Printing one page

4 rubles

The list of journals from the Russian libraries, copies of which you can order: List

If you have any questions you can contact by phone: (8172)76-25-13
or Email: