Постников А. В. Русская Америка в географических описаниях и на картах, 1741-1867 гг. – СПб. : Дмитрий Буланин, 2000 - page 466

вующем Сенате. 13/25 августа, № 461
[Санкт-П етербург, 1865]: Высочайшее по­
веление об условиях Российского теле­
графного управления с уполномоченным
Американской ком пании западных соеди­
ненных телеграф ов для учреждения теле­
графного сообщ ения между Россиею и
534 P.M cD . Collins’ proposed O verland telegraph
via Behrings Strait and A siatic Russia to
Europe, under Russian & British grants.
Furnished by J.H . C olton. [New York:
Printed by H P. C ooper, 1864]. В Библиотеке
Расмусона (R asm uson Library), помимо
опубликованных, имеется несколько руко­
писных карт, связанных с телеграфным
проектом Коллинза, см:
Falk М. W.
Alaskan Maps. P. 129.
535 РГИА. Ф. 1289. On. I. № 1957. Л. 130.
536 Подробнее о Р. К енникоте см.:
James J. А.
The First Scientific. . P. 1— 19.
537 Текст воспроизведен по копии, любезно
предоставленной автору директором Д о ­
ма-музея Роберта К енникота в Иллинойсе
(The G rove N ational L andm ark) господи­
Sherwood М. В.
E xploration o f Alaska.
P. 17— 18.
539 Ibid. P. 18.
54(1 Цит. no: Ibid. P. 19.
541 RK to Osten-Sacken. TC /PC o f О bMU
1626.10.3. H arvard: Mus. Com p. Zool. Л.
I Sm ithsonian Institution.
W ashington, D C. Feb 25 1865:
I propose having som e o f the usual
Sm ithonian Labels for birds etc printed with
the G overnor's name. If the G overnor seems
at all interested in N atural H istory or if he
has any liking for the reputation o f doing
scientific w ork I believe we could (urge?) him
to cause large collection to be m ade for the
Sm ithonian...
If he would even do so much as to
authorize the officers at the outposts to m ake
collections themselves or reseive them from
the Indians and forw ard them to Sitka by the
fur Cos boats I will guarantee that I can get
the collections m ade for him. If he enters at
all actively into the m atter he can by his mere
patronage cause to be sent to the Sm ithsonian
very fine collections...
Приведенны е и последующие копии
м атериалов переписки по научной части
Т елеграфной экспедиции были любезно
предоставлены автору Ч икагской А каде­
мией наук.
542 RK to O sten-Sacken. TC /PC o f О bM u
1626.10.3 H arvard: Mus. Com p. Zool. Л.
I go to see Budisca to day about some
Russian charts; — but I prefer not to discuss
this m atter with any one but Yourself.
543 Там же. Л . 2759: С. Бэйрду от Р. К енникота
31 м арта 1865 г.
James J. A.
The First Scientific... P. 13— 14.
545 TC/PC o f О bM u 1626.10.3 H arvard: Mus.
Com p. Zool. Л. 2799.
54<>Там же. Л. 2799.
547 Там же. Л . 2807: П исьмо Р. К енникота
С. Бэйрду от 23 июля 1865 г.
Jam es J. A.
T he First Scientific... P. 15. 176.
549 АВП РИ Ф . 339. O n. 888. № 408: Р апорт
кап и тан а В торого р ан га Гаврилова. Л . 65.
550 Там же. Л„ 78 об. Из письма кап и тан а пер­
вого р ан га Д. Г]. М аксутова о т 26 октября
1866 г,
551 РГИА Ф 1.289, O n. I. № L967. Л . 185— 189:
Инструкция Ч иновнику особых поручений
Главного управления Восточной С ибири
колЛежекому ассесору Аносову. О т 13 ян­
варя. 1866 г-.
552 CharIes..L. Bulkley to RK , St. M ichaels. T/C
R ussian. T elegraph Expedition, N otes and
C orrespondence, Box 82, M useum o f N at.
Hist'. -Lib:. S I. P, 2831a— 2831
Steam er G eo.S. W right
At St. M ichaels. Sept. 8. 1865.
D ear Sir,
Y ou are assighned to duty as C hief o f
E xploration in R ussian Am erica. Y our party
consist o f
Wm . H. E nnis, Thos. S. D enison, G eo.
R. Adam s. F , M. Sm ith, F rank E. K etchum ,
J. T. Dyer, Chas. Pease, M ichael Lebarge.
Lewis F. G reen. A ndrew G ronberg, Jay
C happel, O. de Bendeleben. R ichard C otter.
O f this p arty you are chief in comm and
and will assign to each his respective rank and
duty. M ajor Pope and party or any p art
thereof, will repo rt to you for duty while in
your division. A t-th is place supplies will be
left in charge o f Storekeeper Jam es M. Bean,
from whom you will draw , giving him receipts
for the same.
The object o f your explorations is to
explore the Kw ichpak River, prove w hether
it is the Y ukon and determ ine how far we can
use it
o u r purposes.
T he m ap
accom panying this has the shortest line
traced, for o u r w ork, and it is desirable to
keep as near this, as the topography o f the
country will adm it, and to this end, your
explorations will be directed. Y ou will treat
with the Indian tribes for laborand supplies,
and persue a course th at will render them
useful in a further prosecution o f o u r work;
and you are authorized to em ploy such
persons as you m ay deem . expedient for
purposes o f exploration, construction and
repairs. I enclose with this, orders to M aj.
Pope, failure on his part will not interfere
with vigorous action on yours.
In case o f his failure, a w inter p arty be
pushed forw ard from Y ukon, through D ease
H ouse to Babine L ake if possible, and
comm unications sent to any and all parts o f
the coast. Y o u r Judgm ent and discretion m ust
guide as facts unfold and the unknow n
regions you visit becom es fam iliar.
As already in o u r experience, the clouds,
th at were so threatening in the distance
dissolved into thin m ist on near approach, so
I feel certain you will encounter no serious
obstacle and the success will attend your
patient persevering effort.
R es.’y yous
Chas.L. Bulkley
Maj. R obert K ennicott.
C h ief o f E xplorations in R. Am.
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