Silent Language of Flowers
    I can transmit a state of  consciousness  more
easily  to  a  flower  than  to a man:  it is very
receptive,  though  it  does  not  know   how   to
formulate  its  experience  to  itself  because it
lacks a mind.  But the pure psychic  consciousness
is instinctive to it.  When,  therefore, you offer
flowers to me their condition is almost always  an
index  to  yours.  There  are  persons  who  never
succeed in bringing a fresh flower to me - even if
the  flower  is  fresh  it  becomes  limp in their
hands. Others, however, always bring fresh flowers
and   even   revitalise  drooping  ones.  If  your
aspiration is strong your flower-offerings will be
fresh.  And  if you are receptive you will be also
very easily able to absorb the message  I  put  in
the flowers I give you.  When I give them,  I give
you states of consciousness;  the flowers are  the
mediums  and  it  all  depends on your receptivity
whether they are effective or not.                
    When I give flowers, it is as an answer to the
aspiration coming from the  very  depths  of  your
being.  It is a need or an aspiration,  it depends
upon the person.  It may fill a void or else  give
you  the  impetus to progress,  or it may help you
find the  inner  harmony  in  order  to  establish
    Flowers-are extremely   receptive.   All   the
flowers  to  which  I  have  given  a significance
receive exactly the force  I  put  into  them  and
transmit   it.  People  don't  always  receive  it
because most of the time they are  less  receptive
than the flowers,  and,  they waste the force that
has been put in it through  their  unconsciousness
and  lack of receptivity.  But the force is there,
and the flower receives it wonderfully.           
    I knew this a very long time ago.  Fifty years
ago.... There was that occultist who later gave me
lessons in occultism for two years. His wife was a
wonderful  clairvoyant  and  had   an   absolutely
remarkable  capacity - precisely - of transmitting
    They lived in Tlemcen.  I was in Paris. I used
to correspond with them. I had not yet met them at
all.  And then,  one day,  she sent me in a letter
petals of the pomegranate flower, "Divine's Love".
At  that  time  I had not given the meaning to the
flower.  She sent me petals of pomegranate flowers
telling  me that these petals were bringing me her
protection and force.                             
    Now, at that time I used to wear my watch on a
chain.  Wrist-watches were not known then or there
were   very  few.  And  there  was  also  a  small
eighteenth  century  magnifying  glass...  it  was
quite small, as large as this (gesture).... And it
had   two   lenses,    you    see,    like'    all
reading-glasses;  there were two lenses mounted on
a small golden frame,  and it was hanging from  my
chain.  Now,  between  the two glasses I put these
petals and I used to  carry  this  about  with  me
always  because  I wanted to keep it with me;  you
see, I trusted this lady and knew she had power. I
wanted  to keep this with me,  and I always felt a
kind of energy,  warmth,  confidence,  force which
came from that thing.... I did not think about it,
you see, but I felt it like that.                 
    And then,  one  day,  suddenly  I  felt  quite
depleted,  as though a support that was there  had
gone.  Something very unpleasant.  I said,  "It is
strange;  what  has   happened?   Nothing   really
unpleasant has happened to me.  Why do I feel like
this,  so empty,  emptied of energy?" And  in  the
evening,  when  I  took off my watch and chain,  I
noticed that one of the small glasses had come off
and  all  the petals were gone.  There was not one
petal left. Then I really knew that they carried a
considerable  charge of power,  for I had felt the
difference without  even  knowing  the  reason.  I
didn't  know  the  reason  and  yet  it had made a
considerable difference. So it was after this that
I  saw  how one could use flowers by charging them
with forces. They are extremely receptive.        
                                        The Mother
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