Be like a Flower
    Be like a flower.  One must try to become like
a flower:  open,  frank, equal, generous and kind.
Do you know what it means?                        
    A flower  is  open  to  all that surrounds it:
Nature, light, the rays of the sun, the wind, etc.
It  exerts  a spontaneous influence on all that is
around it. It radiates a joy and a beauty.        
    It is  frank:  it hides nothing of its beauty,
and lets it flow frankly out of  itself.  What  is
within, what is in its depths, it lets it come out
so that everyone can see it.                      
    It is  equal:  it has no preference.  Everyone
can enjoy its  beauty  and  its  perfume,  without
rivalry.  It  is equal and the same for everybody.
There is no difference, or anything whatsoever.   
    Then generous: without reserve or restriction,
how it gives the mysterious beauty  and  the  very
own   perfume  of  Nature.  It  sacrifices  itself
entirely  for  our  pleasure,  even  its  life  it
sacrifices  to  express this beauty and the secret
of the things gathered within itself.             
    And then,  kind:  it has such a tenderness, it
is so sweet,  so  close  to  us,  so  loving.  Its
presence fills us with joy.  It is always cheerful
and happy.                                        
    Happy is  he  who  can  exchange his qualities
with the real qualities of  the  flowers.  Try  to
cultivate in yourself their refined qualities.    
                                        The Mother
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