Punica; Pomegranate Flowers
Divine Love
double red flowers

A flower which is said to bloom even in the desert

Unmanifested Divine Love
double white flowers
Divine Sacrifice
red flowers with single-layered petals
Punica; Pomegranate Fruits
Divine Love spreading over the world 22
    Long, long  ago,  in the dry land which is now
Arabia,  a divine being incarnated upon  earth  to
awaken in it the supreme love.  As expected it was
persecuted  by  men,   misunderstood,   suspected,
pursued.  Mortally  wounded  by its assilants,  it
wanted to die quietly in solitude in order  to  be
able to accomplish its work, and being pursued, it
ran away.  Suddenly, in the vast desert land there
appeared  a  small  pomegranate bush.  The saviour
crept in under the low branches, to leave its body
in  peace;  and  immediately  the  bush spread out
miraculously,  it grew higher, larger, became deep
and  thick,  so  that when the pursuers passed by,
they did not even suspect that the One  whom  they
were chasing was hidden there, and they went their
    While drop  by  drop  the  sacred  blood fell,
fertilising the soil,  the bush was  covered  with
marvellous flowers,  scarlet,  large, crowded with
petals... innumerable drops of blood.             
    These are   the   flowers  which  express  and
contain for us the Divine's Love.                 
    Sweet Mother,  has  that Chaldean legend which
you have written any relation with Kali Puja?     
    Yes, my  child,  because  on  Kali  Puja day I
always distribute the flowers of "Divine's  Love";
for  Kali is the most loving of all the aspects of
the Mahashakti;  here is the most active and  most
powerful  Love.  And  that  is  why  every  year I
distribute the petals of "Divine's Love" on Kali's
Day.  And  so  naturally  this  explanation of why
these flowers were chosen to express the  Divine's
Love - it is a sufficient explanation.            
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