Does not aim for any effect,
but is simple and persistent.
Euphorbia millii; Crown of thorns
    Here is  a  bunch  of Concentration and of New
    To concentrate     for     developing      the
intelligence,  for developing the inborn faculties
which are hidden within ourselves.                
    To concentrate  means  to find oneself.  It is
the quest, the means to follow. It is the shortest
way to get anything. One only has to concentrate -
but deep within - and toe!  you get the thing, the
word, the idea, the feeling, the place you want to
discover,  the plane of  consciousness,  and  with
perseverance and a constant effort,  find the Self
and the soul.  To concentrate in order to find the
soul.  With  the  help  of concentration,  one can
achieve everything.                               
    But one  has  to know how to concentrate,  and
each plane has a certain level  of  concentration.
To know how to concentrate is to acquire the power
to withdraw from all other things except  the  one
thing you wish to achieve.                        
    Do you know what you should do? To start with:
you sit before a wall and say to yourself: "Let my
mind be as white as the wall.'' Then, if you see a
little black dot on the wall,  - or anywhere else,
- a dot, you start concentrating on this dot, with
an   intent   gaze,  without  allowing  any  other
thoughts to come into your mind,  without  moving,
without  wavering as if you wanted to envelop this
dot with your hypnotic gaze.  Then  you  will  see
that  you  begin  to have a relation with this dot
and that nothing else around  exists  any  longer.
Only the dot exists, and yourself, attracted as if
by a magnet.  You have a penetrating  gaze.  Then,
little  by little,  the black dot doesn't exist in
your gaze any more;  you  are  concentrating  very
hard.  But  instead  of  a  black dot,  there is a
luminous dot;  as  if  everything  were  appearing
differently.  The  black dot has become a luminous
dot.  And one can see other movements just  around
this luminous dot.  Then, only the luminous dot is
seen and nothing else around.  And a kind of  deep
relation  is  being established.  You are going to
try and tell me.                                  
    Then, if  one  learns  how to concentrate even
more,  really  concentrate  with  intensity,   one
perceives   that   it   is   not  oneself  who  is
concentrating, and that the ego does not exist any
longer,  but  that an altogether detached will,  -
without  thoughts,   unflickering,   a   sort   of
emptiness but well sustained by the aspiration,  -
is acting through the socalled self.  For the Self
seems to be hidden.  But the concentration is well
directed, deeply fixed there, within (Mother shows
the psychic  centre),  undisturbed  by the outward
happenings, discovering regions of happiness where
the  divine sweetness reigns.  One discovers layer
after layer of planes of  consciousness,  and  one
leaves behind oneself the subtle bodies, one after
another, until there is no more resistance and the
soul reveals itself before us,  without any agent,
without any foreign support. And one discovers the
soul  in  its  plenitude.  If one starts living in
such a way, then one lives forever a new birth. At
each  moment,  one  discovers  a  new life,  a new
aspiration,  a new  light  and  a  new  love.  One
springs forward, to always discover something new.
That is life.                                     
    One has  to  know  how to concentrate by going
deeply there within,  to find the inner seat  from
where one should aspire more and more, and, at the
same  time,  reject  all  that  disturbs   -   the
impulses,  the sensations,  and the thoughts.  All
that does not belong to us has to be rejected,  so
that we may be pure in order to identify ourselves
with the Divine Consciousness.  Three stages  that
help one another:  to concentrate,  to reject, and
to aspire for the identification with the Divine.
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