Creative word
     Sweet Mother, there's a flower you have named
"The Creative Word".                              
    What does that mean?                         
    It is the word which creates.                 
    There are all kinds  of  old  traditions,  old
Hindu  traditions old Chaldean traditions in which
the Divine,  in the form of the Creator,  that is,
in His aspect as Creator,  pronounces a word which
has the power to create.  So it is this...  And it
is  the  origin  of the mantra.  The mantra is the
spoken  word  which  has  a  creative  power.   An
invocation  is  made and there is an answer to the
invocation;  or one makes a prayer and the  prayer
is granted.  This is the Word,  the Word which, in
its sound... It is not only the idea, it is in the
sound that there's a power of creation.  It is the
origin, you see, of the mantra.                   
    In Indian mythology the creator God is Brahma,
and I think that it was precisely his power  which
has been symbolised by this flower,  "The Creative
Word".  And when one is in contact  with  it,  the
words spoken have a power of evocation or creation
or formation or transformation; the words... sound
always  has  a power;  it has much more power than
men think.  It may be a good power and it may be a
bad  power.  It  creates  vibrations which have an
undeniable effect.  It is not so much the idea  as
the sound;  the idea too has its own power, but in
its own domain - whereas the sound has a power  in
the material world.                               
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