Gaillardia pulchella «Picta»
Joyfull smile of the Nature
Mental cheerfulness  
Gaillardia pulchella «Lorenziana»; Blanket flower
Successful future
Full of promise and joyous surprises
    Do you  know  what  the  flower  which we have
called "Successful Future" signifies when given to
you? It signifies the hope - nay, even the promise
- that you will participate in the descent of  the
supramental  world.  For  that descent will be the
successful consummation of our work,  a descent of
which  the full glory has not yet been or else the
whole face of life would have been  different.  By
slow  degrees  the  Supramental  is  exerting  its
influence,  now one part  of  the  being  and  now
another  feels  the  embrace  or  the touch of its
divinity;  but when  it  comes  down  in  all  its
self-existent power, a supreme radical change will
seize the whole nature.  We are moving nearer  and
nearer the hour of its complete triumph.  Once the
world-conditions are ready the full  descent  will
take  place  carrying  everything  before it.  Its
presence will  be  unmistakable,  its  force  will
brook no resistance,  doubts and difficulties will
not torture you any longer.  For the  Divine  will
stand manifest - unveiled in its total perfection.
I do not,  however,  mean to say  that  the  whole
world  will  at  once  feel  its  presence  or  be
transformed, but I do mean that a part of humanity
will  know  and  participate in its descent - say,
this little world of ours  here.  From  there  the
transfiguring grace will most effectively radiate.
And,   fortunately   for   the   aspirants,   that
successful  future  will  materialise  for them in
spite of all the  obstacles  set  in  its  way  by
unregenerate human nature!                        
                                        THE MOTHER
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